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They Came From All Over

Shining a light on what happens when a small town faces the prospect of losing its grocery store. 


NFL Fantasy Football

Promoting Fantasy Football with a deep understanding of the game's "unwritten rules."

Creative Life Lessons

Exploring what it takes to build a creatively satisfying life and career.


Facebook for Small Business

Celebrating small businesses that have succeeded using Facebook tools and technologies.

Pepcid Complete

Using the absurd to carve out a new category segment.

WFH Poster Project

Keeping Meta's poster culture alive in the WFH era.


Power To Your Mouth

Repositioning Listerine not as a mere mouthwash, but as a champion of your mouth.

Covid 19 Baby Onesies

Exploiting the lockdown baby boom to raise money for COVID 19 relief.

Instagram InstaVend

Bringing Instagram Shops to life, in real life.

Visine / 48-Hour Film Festival Sponsorship

Capturing the spirit of the 48-Hour Film Festival as only Visine can.

Long Copy Relics

Flexing the fundamental ad muscles of persuasion and craftsmanship.

Facebook Shoppable Windows

Turning empty retail windows into Facebook's latest shopping surface.

KPMG: Glass Ceilings

Announcing KPMG's sponsorship of the first-ever Women's PGA Championship.

Instagram for Business

Showcasing how Instagram can help all kinds of brands succeed.

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